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Devon Baldwin examines that in between time in "Forgot To Miss You"

Breakups can truly be difficult and healing takes many forms with the time and path to closure differing for everyone. Lush electro pop singer/songwriter Devon Baldwin examines just this in her latest single "Forgot To Miss you".

The recently released track was written during the height of the pandemic when Baldwin was recovering from her own breakup. The candid single details that unique time when your ex is not on repeat in your head but also is not a completely faded thought. She confides, "Forgot To Miss You" "is about that space in between being completely over your ex and missing them or thinking about them all the time. It’s about the process of healing and that weird phenomenon where a wound never really feels better per se, you just suddenly forget the pain ever existed." With an engaging hook and Baldwin's soulful vocals effortlessly gliding over a bright kaleidoscope of electronic beats, "Forgot To Miss You" is an infectious anthem all about moving on.

Devon Baldwin's rise to success was not always an easy one. The Bay Area born artist suffered a collapsed lung several times which left her unable to sing and tour. Using the time spent alone recovering, Baldwin threw herself into songwriting, often using her raw emotions during this time to fuel creativity musically.

"Forgot to Miss You" follows "Angel Cry" , a pop meets hip hop collaboration with G-Eazy. Take a listen to "Forgot To Miss You" now and check out Devon Baldwin on tour.

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