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Andreww fights his demons on gritty "In My Head"

Taking inspiration from rock n' roll on his latest cut, model-turned-musician Andreww shares "In My Head". A slow burning, whirring single that navigates through a grungey-rock soundscape, it's a slightly new sound for the songwriter but one that sees him glimmering in own space.

Delving into a darker area of his artistry (it's a step away from "Crossroads"), "In My Head" is a mysterious track that loops guitars and drums to mirror the turbulent headscape he's narrating. With echoing vocals and gritty textures, the single "is about challenging your ghosts" whilst coming terms with exactly how to put them their place. With this much introspection, it's clear that Andreww is keen to take on his 'demons'. "Either you go to war with them or you accept them but there's no denying they are there," he says.

A dynamic track that takes on all the bad thoughts and turns them into a grunge single laced with intriqgue, "In My Head" explores the mind's dark areas that sometimes become too apparent. Yet learning to address them and turn them into something positive is a healthy way to cope with their presence, and with this single, Andreww has done exactly that.

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Grunge · Indie · Rock


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