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Duckwrth talks his latest EP, SG8*, and touring with Billie Eilish

A few days past a full year since his debut album, Duckwrth lets out an incredible body of follow-up work to SuperGood with the EP, SG8*. On September 3rd, the LA-artist dropped his 8-track project full of grooves and music to vibe to for the rest of our summers.

From the comfort of his home via Zoom call, Duckwrth seemed as busy as can be coming off the release of his EP, and beginning to settle in the last moments before his headline tour. Once we spoke about his new EP, he became more zoned in.

Last time the released his own music, people were mostly home isolating due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases. About a year later the world is looking different, people are out and about, and Duckwrth decided to release another project right off the bat.

"I guess I wanted to have something that was more relevant to the time and moreso narrate the feelings that everyone had at the time.” This EP felt like just that, the music is very current. Duckwrth linked up with other artists and producers and made the music in the span of a month. SG8* is a hail to post-pandemic joy and overcoming the obvious pains associated with the period. 

One of the best listens on the project is the second number, "No Chill". With production by WaveIQ (Jaden Smith, Goldlink) and the band Hello Yello, the crew crafted the vibe for both "No Chill" and in "Link Up Time".

"We were just trying to find the one. Before we were trying to make something closer to "Link Up Time", and it wasn't working out. We were kind of just plucking around. Then we just ended up in a groovier bag. That one, I don't know what it is, but that one just kind of spoke to me." 

A week before the EP released, he dropped a music video for "4K" with features Phabo. Phabo hopped in on a session that Duckwrth was in, spontaneously contributed and made the record. “We were just having fun. There was one day where he (Phabo) was in the other room, I was working with Wave, and it's just one of those things because the rooms are so close together. We all just collaborated. So he did what he did, and he was like 'alright I'm gone', and got up out of there.”

A majority of the EP forms a 'going outside' motive and energy. From the bouncy "No Chill" to the sensual "4K", and the slow mosey EP closer, "Make U Go", SG8* is a cohesive amalgamation of many summer sounds.

Duckwrth is touring this month immediately off of the release of SG8*. Duckwrth’s headlines  U.S. tour kicked off in September already has sold-out dates in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Oakland, and Chicago. Duckwrth says it's a shame that SuperGood never got performed because it's such a good album for those settings. "This will be the first time we get to perform it, and also performing performing probably six songs from SG8*."

Soon after, in March, he'll be performing alongside Billie Eilish on her Happier Than Ever World TourHe'll be joining the Grammy award-winning phenom on tour around the Midwest and West Coast of the US. 

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“It's going to be a lot. We did a festival a few days ago, and it's very interesting. I had re-familiarize myself with performing again,” said Duckwrth. “It's going to be really sick. We did three shows I think in 2019, and it was really trippy. I think the biggest thing about stadiums or arenas is that you have to make your energy bigger. Like you have to really come out bumping, especially if you're not the headliner.”

Duckwrth joins Billie Eilish’s tour for the dates in the entire month of March and the first week of April. “I'm very excited and super blessed. I've known her since 2017 or 18– I met her at SXSW. Off top, she's just like kinetic energy. She's actually like a genuine human being with just the purest of hearts,” he said.

All in all, the fourth quarter of 2021 really has shaped out to be a big one for Duckwrth. You can catch him on both tours with tickets on sell right now, and check out his new music on all streaming platforms.

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