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Charlie Powers unveils his intimate new single "Alone With Myself"

What more can you say about Charlie Powers that hasn't been said?  An alternative-pop wunderkind, the San Diego-native writes, produces, mixes, and masters all his music by himself.  Beyond being a prodigiously gifted musician, Powers brings an incredibly humble persona to everything he does and just seems to exude a natural charisma that belies his years.  His intimate new single "Alone With Myself" finds the young artist baring his soul to the listener like never before while maintaining a thoroughly entertaining and catchy tone that makes it a true standout entry to his young discography.  

A guitar-driven ballad about the comfort that comes with loneliness and how everyone goes through mental health battles, "Alone With Myself" focuses on the difficulty of sustaining relationships amidst turbulent mental struggles.  Powers says of the track, "The truth is, we all have something broken inside of us that causes us to feel alone during great times.  'Alone With Myself' serves as a simultaneous apology and thank you letter to everyone who has stood by me in the midst of my most distant moments."  Confidently guided by Powers' melodious crooning, the track billows with enough heart and emotion to fill an album.  It's also just unbelievably catchy.

Charlie Powers is clearly a gifted musician but what he's steadily showing to the world through "Alone With Myself" and his remarkable previous single "Crying Pt. 2" is that he is also a stellar storyteller.  Planning to release 2 more songs ahead of his forthcoming 2022 debut EP HIGH FUNCTIONING BREAKDOWNS, keep an eye on the West Coast crooner to keep delivering emotion-packed gems that will keep you singing along.  

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