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Twnty8 is entirely vulnerable on new single "Easy To Worry"

Twnty8 is back at it again with some new heat, releasing his new single "Easy To Worry," a track with an empowering delivery filled with words full of vulnerability.

Looking at his past releases, it's easy to see that Twnty8 is an artist who relieves his pain through poetry and strong lyricism. This is apparent in both of his EPs: A Rabbit in Dark and Dear God. Every single track on these albums shows Twnty8's high lyrical skill. A bonus track from his upcoming project that will be released soon, we get a taste of how high he sets the bar when it comes to wordplay. His intelligence shines bright, as he finds a simple way to describe the internal pain and the external struggles that the world has to deal with, mixing love, politics, and religion all into one single.
Twnty8's delivery is extremely brilliant, taking his time slowly uttering every single syllable so it seeps into our minds, while maintaining a unique tone that effortlessly flows. The production was also perfectly chosen, as the drums and piano keys give an empty-space feeling, almost as if we are able to enter his mind, allowing his thoughts, in the form of words, to take over. Open up and let your emotions flow as you listen to "Easy To Worry."
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