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Project Youngin releases vulnerable new single, “Love Don’t Love Nobody [Video]

Florida-based rapper Project Youngin combines raw emotion and stamina on his latest release, “Love Don’t Love Nobody.” The track blends vocalized melodies and gritty bars to describe deceit and betrayal. The accompanying music video takes place on a stormy night as the rapper pens a letter at the kitchen table before walking out of the house with a gun and hoodie. He stands by a rain covered window with a wound to his left side, covering his heart.

“Love Don’t Love Nobody” has a mellow hip-hop beat with subtle bass and drums. Project Youngin’s sound is a mix between drill and R&B. His verses are enunciated with a hint of a southern drawl. He effortlessly conveys the emotional turmoil of a difficult upbringing and dishonesty in a relationship. He raps, “How I'm 'posed to love you? Point in time I lost love for my mother / But that's a different story, now it's money that I'm in it for.” The rapper’s walls are up, his hesitation and hurt is expressed in every bar.

The single gives listeners a taste of his forthcoming mixtape, Letter From The Projects. Project Youngin continues to keep his struggles and accomplishments at the forefront of his music, intertwining his confidence and insecurities in his raps. He teases in the comment section of his YouTube, “All gas no breaks- Letter From the Projects dropping real soon,” building excitement among his significant following.

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