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Ruby Duff shares the whimsical single "Party"

Leeds-based alt-pop starlet Ruby Duff shares the quirky single "Party". A single that quite literally sprinkles glitters over hot dogs, Ruby Duff knows exactly to create something whimsical and joyous whilst dabbling into the creative realms.

Rejecting the modern notions of songwriting, Ruby Duff's rebellious nature has crafted some of the weirdest-but-seriously-cool alt-pop out there today. There's Alice in Wonderland hints throughout her artistry, like magical qualities that you can't help but be enticed into, and she pretty much sums it up in one sentence: "Life is a piece of art."

With a dreamlike haze seeping into your eardrums - Duff does in fact dream up the melodies and then establishes the memories into piano - "Party" is a revelation of the aftermath of partying just a little too hard. “‘Party’ is about the anticipation of a single moment in life to then the great downfall," she says. "Working with Alma Rosaz on our video, helped me to portray the vast extremities of exactly this yet in a playful way - just as the track does! But also who wouldn’t like puppies, glitter hot dogs and snow globe martinis right?”

Laced with ethereal, slow melodies and glimmering beats, "Party" hits alt-pop heights with its unpredictability. Ruby Duff is quite simply a catastrophic explosion of colour, glitter and the absurd. But somehow, it works so well. So. Damn. Well. 

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Alt-Pop · Indie · Pop · U.K.


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