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IAMDDB finds the power to shimmer during turbulent times on her single, "Silver Lines"

I think that I've connected to IAMDDB's bouncy new single "Silver Lines" in a way that she may not have intended. Over the past couple of days it has become something of a bittersweet anthem for me and I've been humming it like a mantra when life gets hectic. On the surface, this Mike Brainchild-produced electro-soul piece is a clubby and (dare I say) bubbly gem that would be the perfect tune to welcome you to a late-summer pool-party at a swanky hotel. And IAMDDB effortlessly matches the tone of Brainchild's breezy production with her sweetly sung notes. But if you scratch beneath the surface, there's something in the U.K.-based singer's uncluttered vocal performance that comes across as slightly sorrowful.

Opening lyric, "Silver lines....How bittersweet this life is/Take me by surprise, and fuck me with your mind games" seems to betray the fact that this song is rooted in some event (or series of events) that is closely held or painful for the young singer/emcee. But just as soon as you start to catch on to the fact that our leading lady may be feeling weighed down by life, a subtle shift in her tone evokes feelings of healing and determination. The singer gives off a reflective, soft-hued energy that blends really well with the effervescent atmosphere created by the plucky synthesizer-bassline and swirly chords backing her up.

In the video for the single, IAMDDB travels with a couple of friends to a tropical getaway and captures all of their sundrenched fun on staticky VHS cameras (or...you know... a digital camera with a VHS filter). And while the lyrics of the song takes a weighted approach in delivering its message of finding the silver lining in every dark cloud, the video delivers a more "don't worry, be happy" message to the masses. In addition to the video, the singer is taking her beautiful sights and sounds directly to the people with a world tour (HERE) that is scheduled to run from now until mid-December. 
You can check out "Silver Lines" on all streaming services courtesy of WAEV Entertainment.
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