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KSI and Lil Wayne will not "Lose" [Video]

I will start this write-up with a confession: I literally just found out that popular YouTuber KSI aka JJ has an illustrious music career about a week ago after watching an interview with him and his erstwhile rival Logan Paul. That got me double backing into this man's discography and he definitely has an entire movement behind him as it is. On his second LP now, KSI has shown growth and versatility as he steps into a more melodic and out-the-box approach. Today he shares the visuals for the Lil Wayne assisted song "Lose," a track that blends soft rock, pop with a little bit of hip-hop on the side. KSI is in reflective mode and delivers a laidback melodic run over the guitar-driven midtempo backdrop, Weezy follows up with an energetic and impassioned chorus as the song rises in energy.

The visual is quite captivating with its live-action and animated sequences that blend seamlessly into each other as the song moves along. It kicks off with KSI having a session with a therapist to help clear his thoughts of a strange lady who got him wrapped up before Lil Wayne comes in with gusto as an animated character. Weezy is thrown into a chaotic world where his emotions are controlled by that same strange lady whose mesmerizing beauty has these two men in a trance they can't break loose from.

"Lose" is taken from KSI's sophomore album All Over The Place. Get "Lose" on all DSPs here.

Connect with KSI: TikTok | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

Connect with Lil Wayne : Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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