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girlhouse is hoping to be "happy now" with new alt-rock single

LA-via-Portland singer-songwriter Lauren Luiz, better known as girlhouse, swiftly returns with her new single, “happy now.” The 90s alt-rock style endeavor follows her debut effort, the girlhouse ep, released back in May. Along with her new track, girlhouse has announced a string of live shows supporting The Snuts on their headlining US tour and Coach Party in the UK this October.

On “happy now,” there’s this nostalgic, palpable rush of energy associated with it. The song feels deeply rooted in small town living and born out of the signature coming-of-age tale of setting your sights for something greater. The track progresses from this sort of indie, basement rock resonance before it evolves into an indie rock anthem destined for big time arenas. It’s fresh yet sonically familiar, which makes for a comforting three and a half minute listen. Narratively, “happy now” centers on a wounded romantic relationship and the sacrifices made along the way. Luiz’s sharp-edged songwriting, confident vocals, and authentic soundscape is on full display once again. 

“‘Happy now’ started as an angry poem towards someone in my life that was really emotionally challenging to me, but as we started producing it and I started looking at the lyrics from a different perspective, I realized I was projecting everything I hated about myself towards this other person,” shares girlhouse over email. “‘Happy now’ is my heart, gladiator screaming ‘are you not entertained?!’ to my body after doing all the things and following all the people that should, in theory, make me happy but in the end left me feeling empty.”

In addition to her girlhouse project, Luiz is the lead singer of the folk-pop trio WILD. They released their debut LP Goin’ Back back in January. 

Connect with girlhouse: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram 


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