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Bella Alubo sets a "Table For Two" [Video]

Nigerian genre-bending singer/songwriter Bella Alubo shares the visuals for her new single "Table For Two."   Armed with her soft, angelic vocals, she delivers a heartfelt and emotional performance over the crisp atmospheric production courtesy of her longtime collaborator Syn X.

The soundscape bridges the worlds of Afro-pop, R&B, and a dash of dancehall vibes. "Table For Two" shares a tale of failed relationships with men who turned out to be the opposite of what they pretend to be and these events reaffirm her inner strength as a one of one. She uses the experience as her stepping stone to greater things and reminds listeners that she would never settle for less. She keeps it indigenous for the most part delivering her lines in Nigerian pidgin English and switching to English when necessary.

Furst Visuals helms the direction of the visuals and the result is an easy flowing piece filled with performance shots showcasing Bella Alubo in her element. As a former model, she brings that innate confidence to the forefront, and her styling is splendid as well. It's not too flashy but eye-catching enough while augmenting her natural physique. The other thing I noticed is the director stayed away from the obvious by using only Alubo while most might have included a male interest so in a way gives viewers a refreshing take on the love tale gone wrong.

Bella Alubo is a Nigerian musician who blends pop, Afrobeats, hip-hop, R&B, and reggae. Alubo had her first calling to the stage in the form of pageants and modeling but was inspired by rappers in her hometown of Jos Nigeria after surviving a bomb blast to begin music as a career in 2015. She currently has 7 EPs to her name and currently working on her debut LP.

Get "Table For two" on all DSPs here.

Connect with Bella Alubo : SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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