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TRISHES unveils her poisonous new single “Venom”

TRISHES has a highly unique style that is a refreshing escape from the ordinary and mundane. Through looping and vocal effects, her distinct sound sets her apart from the rest. Unveiling her latest offering “Venom”, it possesses that same rare quality fans have come to know and love. The track is a fiery account of growing up with underlying anger due to consistent unfair treatment. As a woman of color these dynamics can come into play. Constantly on the defense, the intoxicating tune beautifully illustrates a deadly sharp tongue. The powerful piece is inspired by her South Asian roots. With colorful chanting and charismatic vocals, listeners cannot help but be hypnotized.

TRISHES is an indie-pop project created by Trish Hosein. “Venom” is the first single off of Hosein’s anticipated album “The Id.” The temper she sings of, she has learned to rein in, but it was not always easy. She reveals of the release “Venom details the rage I felt growing up as the daughter of immigrants and a woman of color, but did not understand why. As I’ve become more consciously aware of how larger societal power dynamics play out in interpersonal relationships, I now understand that anger resulted from the microaggressions and inequality I was experiencing daily.” Now she uses that fierce fervency to affect change.

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