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The New Twentys are "Dancing On A Sunday"

Now onto their fifth single of 2021, unrelenting London-based newcomers The New Twentys have dropped nought but earworm hits since their debut late last year. Each one carries an archetypically iconic mix of indie, pop and rock tropes, balancing adolescent energy with a matured and articulate delivery that effortlessly pulls you in.

"Dancing On A Sunday" arrives as yet another standout from the trio, swathed in a carefree swagger, despite the love addled lyricism. "This song came about with a random encounter with comedian Jimmy Carr, he said to us “all these girls are doing tracks like ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ but no guys have come out with ‘I can’t think straight when I’m with you’…you can have that for free,”" they share in an email statement. "We then took this concept and wrote a song about a homosexual boy who grew up in a religious household and how it, wrongly, complicated his upbringing."

A rousing drum beat cleanses the palette, establishing the upbeat atmosphere which only compounds with each dynamic element added. Subtly echoing the works of era-defining artists that set them on their artistic path, a bright and emphatic acoustic guitar riff sweeps in, a quintessentially addictive motif that becomes the backbone of the track. With the foundation set, what shines most about The New Twentys is their spotlight-owning vocals that again capture that same era-defining iconism bound to have crowds singing along for many years to come.

Despite the complications implied in the lyricism, "Dancing on a Sunday" revels in the addictive simplicity of its arrangement, in such a manner that leaves you reaching for the replay button as it reaches its anthemic conclusion.

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