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Modern Original are outcasts in “I’m An Alien”

Ever feel like your thoughts are weird and you don’t fit into society and societal norms?  Well, new psych-pop duo Modern Original have used that experience to inspire their latest single “I’m An Alien”.  The track is all about being an outsider but embracing and accepting who you are, even it is not “normal”.  Josh Hogan with the band confides, “It’s ok to feel disconnected, but it’s important to be honest with yourself. This is where the healing begins.” 

Sonically, “I’m An Alien” features galactic-inspired soaring synths and peppy warm vocals interlaced with shiny indie-pop soundscapes.  The duo craft sun-soaked and carefree melodies that strike a polarity with the more serious subject matter of their songs.  “I’m An Alien” follows their debut surf-rock single “Turn It Around” with the band promising an upcoming five-song EP slated for later this summer. 

Modern Original was created in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic by singer and guitarist Josh Hogan and drummer Andy Warren.  The duo were part of the popular former pop-rock musical collective The Mowgli’s and bonded over their love for modern bands including Tame Impala and Glass Animals.  

Take a listen to “I’m An Alien” now and remember you may be alone in your uniqueness, but that is just fine. 

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Indie · Indie Pop · Psych-rock


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