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Mason Rose Gray’s new single “SURVIVE” shows persistence through pain

Singer/songwriter Mason Rose Gray releases her latest offering, “SURVIVE,” and there is a delicate aching felt throughout. The tender tune tells a powerful tale of soul-searching after the close of a nine-year relationship. The track touches you with its gentle acoustic guitar and velvety vocals so emotive you hear that break within her tone. We all know what it is like to deal with a difficult break-up, and this song perfectly encapsulates that feeling of immense pain while also showing us that we can endure.

Gray is a Florida based artist beautifully blending indie, folk and blues. Her raw, passionate sound and honest lyrics make her music so mesmerizing. “SURVIVE” possesses that rich, haunting quality she is known for. The singer is no stranger to fighting for survival. Raised in poverty, her family struggled to find the money for basic necessities such as food and clothes. On top of that, she had to deal with an abusive father. Though this release is a track of reclaiming your power after heartbreak, it is the perfect listen for whatever type of struggle you are facing. Hearing the single and resonating with her deep hurt makes us feel less alone. We all could use that connection right now.      

Connect with Mason Rose Gray: Twitter | Instagram

Blues · Folk · Indie · Singer/songwriter


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