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Emilio Rojas releases new fiery track, "What you Expect," off his EP, '4-Pack Fridays, Vol. 1'

Emilio Rojas officially releases a powerful track "What You Expect" off of his  4-Pack Fridays, Vol. 1 EP— filled with an intriguing production boasting surprising flute work, snappy sounds, and an impeccable lyrical delivery. 

Emilio Rojas has been on a roll ever since he became fully independent, creating Breaking Point Music Group and his own label, Killective Media. Ever since then, he's been dropping tracks that deliver a clever message that is intertwined through the lyrics: he does what he wants and he is here to get everything that's his. Through his songwriting, he defines himself before we even have the chance to, making it clear that he doesn't care about the opinion of others. This message is extremely evident with the extensive use of clever wordplay and intense lyricism, especially when he raps "If you throw dirt on my name/ Remember that I came from the mud." Using witty rhymes, mixed with his impeccable flow, the lyrics are delivered quite easily to the ears. These lyrical techniques mixed with the flute, piano keys, chimes, and snappy beats make for a well-rounded, amazing track. "What You Expect" teaches you to have no regrets so take a listen to this song, especially if you're feeling rebellious.  
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