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David Boyd makes the challenging decision to “Stay or Walk Away” [Video]

We all know what it is like to come to a crossroads in our lives. There is usually that point of no return. It is a place where we can either live with pure authenticity or continue with our façade. David Boyd’s new single “Stay or Walk Away” explores that landmark moment. With jangly guitars and daring, danceable rhythms, the tune surges with palpable static energy. The accompanying lyric video possesses that same intoxicating electric quality. Opening with a female’s rich, red lips, the intro is as bold as the song itself. From the fuzzy effects to flashing sunsets there is a deep intensity highlighted throughout.

The Denmark native is most recognized for his punk pop band New Politics. Growing up his dad listened to rock, but his mom played pop, which led him to the vibrant mix of the two he showcases today. Though things for the band took a backseat once the pandemic hit, he still continued elevating his craft and his solo project was born. This fiery offering is the first piece off his upcoming album. We look forward to hearing more from the tenacious talent.

Connect with David Boyd: Twitter | Instagram

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