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Skott shares stripped track, “Wolf,” with new acoustic EP [Video]

Gaining millions of listens on Spotify, one might think that artists would let that fame get to their head. For Swedish artist Skott, though, it’s actually humbled her. After seeing the charts rise and fans cover her music, Skott wanted to give something back to her devoted listeners. Today, along with her new EP, Chapter I (Acoustic), she also shares a music video for her acoustic version of fan-favorite ,“Wolf.”


Skott’s original upbeat, chamber pop version of “Wolf” is beautiful, but Skott takes it to a whole new level in this stripped-down version. This new "Wolf” allows Skott's delicate, feathery vocals to take center stage. Finger snaps and synths are swapped for  soft guitar plucks and a beat machine. With that, her lyrics are given another layer of depth, accented with airy oo's and aa's.

Skott says she knew this song was a hit when Katy Perry tweeted about it. Realizing its power, Skott said, “I wanted to make a stripped-down version where the lyrics have even more room to do their thing, in a calmer landscape than the more orchestral-ish original. This has always been my favorite song to sing live.”

The accompanying music video shows her singing on her kitchen counter. Simple, yet very fitting with the acoustic vibe. Even with such a simple setting, Skott gets lost in her own sonic world, taking the audience with her.

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