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Dro Kenji breaks down his favorite tracks from "F*CK YOUR FEELINGS" [Exclusive]

South Carolina rock-infused rapper Dro Kenji has been on a tear since last August when he received a call from the Internet Money team. Releasing project after project, Kenji has been showcasing his impressive vocals and emotion-filled lyrics. With his newest project, “F*CK YOUR FEELINGS”, we see Kenji’s most confident and cohesive work.

Kenji explains, “I want people to understand that you come first in your life. That what you want to do is most important. You shouldn't let other people's opinions change what you really want. I want people to believe in themselves. Do you how you want to do you.”

Much of this message Kenji began to learn for himself after coming out to LA, and how quickly his life has changed. “I know other people feel this way as well,” said Kenji, “and I don’t want them to feel alone.”

The project was created with the Internet Money crew, including hitmaking producers Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, and Cxdy. “F*CK YOUR FEELINGS” is packed with confidence, vulnerability, catchy hooks, and everything necessary to solidify that Dro Kenji is here to stay.

He gives EARMILK an inside look at some of his favorite cuts of the project below.


“TONGUE TIED” is a complicated love story. Over the strumming guitar and steady drums, Kenji opens up about his addictive lust and love and the dangers that come with it.

"Tongue-tied is about loving somebody but not wanting them, and vice versa” said Kenji. “It’s about words and actions not aligning. A lot of my songs I just try to explain certain feelings that aren't talked about a lot but everyone feels when they go through heartbreak".


“SUPERSTAR” is one of the most personal tracks on the project and has one the most infectious hooks as well. The lead single for the album is also accompanied by a music video, where Kenji is going back and forth with a female in front of some trippy visuals.

"Superstar was talking about an old relationship,” said Kenji. "It was a very personal song for me. The track explains a situation of a girl not really loving me for real. She would say she wanted love but not act that way, she'd rather go to parties and do wild sh*t and then lie about it”.


In “LOVE YOU MOST”, we see Kenji open about the harsh world around him, filled with lies and deceit. For Kenji, it's nothing new, and over the years he’s been conditioned to handle the lies, which ultimately leaves him vulnerable when it comes to love.

"Love You Most is about only feeling a specific distrust of everyone” explains Kenji. “Love feels abnormal. When you live like that, and that's your mindset, that is how you are conditioned. Then, if you are suddenly hit with genuine love, you are gonna react in almost an overly involved way. Love is a new feeling then.”


“TRANCE” is a highlight from the album, with Kenji effortlessly switching flows and laying down catchy hooks.

"Trance is more of a fun song, but there is still meaning in it,” said Kenji. “Trance is about feeling stagnant but within love. You aren't going forward, you aren't resolving anything, you are just stagnant"


The final track on the project is “INSANE”, and it encapsulates the full sentiment of “F*CK YOUR FEELINGS”. The track is filled with emotion, as Kenji walks through his demons and fears and overcoming them.

"Insane is just like all of ‘F*CK YOUR FEELINGS’, where everything just comes back on me and makes me feel insane. I know that's a feeling that people often have."

Kenji further talks about the pressure and the opinions that surround him. Ultimately, he knows these opinions don’t matter, and he should stay true to himself. That's why you should just do you and do you how you want to"


Connect with Dro Kenji: Instagram / Twitter / Soundcloud

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