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John Jay ushers in the summer on "Show Face"

Emerging singer/producer John Jay is already in full summer mode as he drops this sunlit party jam titled "Show Face." The self-produced track is brimming with lush tropical synths, choppy grooves, and a well-chopped vocal sample from the viral hit "Dreamgirl" by Ir Sais. As a singer, Jay owns his own production with a sultry melodic style and carefree demeanor as he ushers the listeners into the party atmosphere. His production is crisp and the way he sampled "Dreamgirl" is unique and if you don't really listen well you might just miss it.

"Show Face" is one of Jay's releases showcasing his foray into production since he started playing various instruments since he was 5. As a multi-instrumentalist, he is well-versed in the piano and the violin and currently, he is based in Miami where he has been slowly building his resume since he moved there about a decade ago. He is presently working on more musical projects so the possibility of more singles is quite high for the blossoming R&B producer.

Connect with John Jay: Website | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram


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