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GOM shines on new genre-bending single "teeth"

Minneapolis alternative artist GOM goes for an experimental and incredibly unique sound on his new release titled "teeth". The production of the record is bright and full of crunchy rousing guitars that reels listeners into the track. Yet where he truly shines on this single is with his vocals. Playing with various forms of vocal alteration, he flawlessly couples the lyrics and feelings of the song with various pitches in order to bring us right into the mindset he had during the various stages of the relationship described in the track. As a relatively new artist, GOM puts it all out there on "teeth" showing an adventurous and diverse production and sound.

In addition to the vocals, the overall production of the single is incredibly mature for an artist that's only 20 years old. The slow rise in energy in the chorus culminating in the fast-paced melodic runs gives the track an unexpected, yet impressive change. The production also seems to pull from many different genres included elements from Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop. While blending even two genres serves as a difficult task for many, GOM is able to mesh a multitude of different influences into a coherent and bold single. 

GOM clearly shows on "teeth" that he has the potential to create genre-bending and daring singles that personally speak to listeners' shared experiences around the world. Don't be surprised if you start hearing his music on the radio in the near future as he continues to refine his talent with every new release.

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