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Arran Sym lets us know that he is "Back On My Throne"

Multitalented artist and producer Arran Sym release an empowering new single "Back On My Throne," a heavenly song filled with impactful lyrics. 

Arran Sym released a beautiful EP in 2020 called 1000 Micrograms of Love.  In 2021, he plans to release another powerful project, "Back On My Throne" being the first stunning single to drop. This chilling track already sets the tone for the strength of this project, automatically giving you goosebumps when you press play. As soon as you play this song, the underlying music entirely takes control, as Sym brilliantly pieces together bizarre sounds along with peaceful instrumentals: light piano keys, and other dreamy sounds. It is clear that he is utilizing his genius when it comes to the otherworldly sounds, as Sym also incorporates a choir in the background, evoking a spiritual awakening. He spills raw emotion into the music as he beautifully sings poetic words in a soothing tone.
Arran Sym's new upcoming project is due to release this summer.
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