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New Chance announces album with single "Earth House (Turning)"

Victoria Cheong of New Chance has had a long and varied career in music, performing backing vocals for folk artist Jennifer Castle and writing scores for film and experimental dance performances. Turning back to solo work, New Chance has released a single "Earth House (Turning)" ahead of a much anticipated record Real Time out July 16th on label We Are Time. 

In crafting Real Time, Cheong took inspiration from her grandfather Jackson, who came to Toronto from a farming village in China when he was 13.  Jackson was an avid photographer, and the album cover features his shots of the Night-Blooming Cereus, a rare flowered cactus that blossoms only one night per year before wilting and beginning the cycle again. Cheong's studies of traditional astrology led her to see this plant as a metaphor for her lifelong work as an artist, and a thematic guide for the album.

Drawing inspiration from 90s standouts like Bjork and Tricky, New Chance uses spoken word vocals to craft techno meditations that explore the interconnectivity of humans and nature. In single "Earth House (Turning)", bouncing piano and textured drums lay a foundation for Cheong's mesmerizing and delicate vocals. 

Based on "Earth House (Turning)", the full album Real Time is sure to offer more spellbinding sonic landscapes and answers to life's big questions. 

Pre-order Real Time here.

Connect with New Chance: Instagram| Bandcamp| Twitter| Soundcloud



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