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Melissa Ramsay and Gremma team up for "Parasite"

We can thank the stage four lockdown for this awesome pairing between singer/songwriter Melissa Ramsay and electronic producer Gremma. Both linked up via social media (the specifics weren't discussed) to work on her single titled "Parasite."  The Victorian-based artists deliver a punchy, synth-driven track that explores parasitic behavior in friendship and/or relationships. She talks about managing someone who keeps taking but eventually she had to completely cut them off for her own inner peace.

Ramsay is way more than comfortable over the rousing and hard-hitting backdrop and seamlessly glides over the dynamic beat with her mellifluous vocal tone and impassioned melodies. She also strays from the obvious excessive harmonies and stays in the pocket while letting the beat breathe at certain points. Gremma sure does a fine job in marrying his slick production with Ramsay's soft vocals and even though the beat is engulfing, her vocals still stand out and shine through like sun rays on a bright day. "Parasite" is her third single for 2021.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, singer/songwriter Melissa Ramsay is one of the country’s emerging artists who started out professionally in 2015. She has worked with different acts such as Feenixpawl, Project 46 and also provided vocals for Australian producer Just a Gent.

Connect with Melissa Ramsay : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Electro


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