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Kinkajous returns with the stunner "Still (Drifts)" [Premiere]

Every so often it’s nice to be reminded of the majestic power of instrumental music, and luckily for us, Kinkajous is here to provide. Following their acclaimed debut album Hidden Lines from 2019, the London five-piece has resurfaced with a gorgeous new single entitled “Still (Drifts),” premiering today on EARMILK. Released via the Nottingham label Running Circle Records, the track showcases the group’s exceptional musicianship and skill in blending acoustic and electronic musical elements with astounding results.

Led by drummer/producer Benoît Parmentier and saxophonist Adrien Cau, “Still (Drifts)” shows Kinkajous’ unique ability to deliver moving, cinematic music that inspires contemplation without the use of words. The track is organized into two distinct halves, the first of which features an orchestral style with lush string pads over Parmentier’s fluttering drums. The latter section finds Cau’s poignant saxophone phrases featuring more prominently over a pulsing synth pattern. The music slowly builds in energy toward the song’s climactic moments. Listeners willing to embark on the journey that is “Still (Drifts)” with Kinkajous will be rewarded by their exquisite delivery and delicate style that packs a formidable emotional punch. The single is an impressive entry into the catalogue of a group with immense potential.

"Still (Drifts)" is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Kinkajous: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp | Spotify | SoundCloud

Cinematic · Electronic · Jazz · Premiere · U.K.


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