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Marco Luka delivers with rock hit, "do me wrong" [Video]

Durham’s own Marco Luka continues his hot streak with his newest single, “do me wrong”. The 19-year-old artist has decided to make 2021 his year of ascension, and he continues to live up to the hype. His newest single is a step away from his more traditional sound, delving more into the alternative rock space. The track is accompanied by some dark visuals directed by Nicholas Jandora.

“Do me wrong” showcases a new sound from Luka. The pulsing guitar and rock-infused drums give the song a jolt of energy and set the more intense tone. Marco lays down impressive vocals, flowing confidently over the new style. Lyrically, Marco touches on a broken relationship and being left behind. The vulnerable lyrics couple perfectly with the intense production, making the song a headbanger from start to finish.

Luka teams up with Nicholas Jandora once again for the visuals for “do me wrong”. The visuals are dark and gloomy, filled with ominous silhouette shots. The video is filled with creative lighting and fast cuts. These techniques ultimately bring the moody and fast-paced nature of the track to life. It's clear the duo of Jandora and Luka has some great chemistry, as they are 4/4, with the “do me wrong” video taking the top spot.

“Do me wrong” is a new lane for Luka, but it’s clear that the risk will pay off. The track is filled with energy and emotion and is a perfect summer anthem. The young artist has put on a showcase of his talent in 2021, successfully delving into trap, rock, and even some indie styles. It has been exciting to watch his run, and it’s safe to say it's only the start.


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