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Netherlands duo ISLE deliver an anthem for anxious hearts with latest single "Waters"

Netherlands-based song writing duo ISLE drop atmospheric new single “Waters,” marrying folk and dark-pop in a complex landscape colored by poignant lyricism, elevated by the strength of frontwoman Lise Low’s enchanting vocals .The serene but anthemic production picks up apart the anxieties hidden away in the nooks of the mind and heart before gently smoothing away the edges frayed by the weight of troubles with sensitive song writing and soothing sonics. 

Deceptive in the best of ways with its soft melody, it offers an escape that still urges confrontation and self-reflection, allowing listeners to come away feeling more content with themselves.Mellow yet melancholic, the track which expertly highlights the harmonic creativity of the duo with a far-reaching soundscape of strings, keys, and guitars encapsulates the sonic versatility that has quickly become the duo’s signature indietronica sound.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, the duo say, “ We wrote Waters as an anthem for troubled souls and anxious hearts. At times we both can be quite the control freak, this track is a reminder to let go.’

Having cultivated a reputation for making music for the introspective introverted and creative dreamers of the world, “Waters” is no different from the rest of ISLE’s seamless musicality with its natural ability to be thought-provoking while still allowing listeners to lose themselves in the stories woven by the lyrics.

Comprising of songwriters Lise Low and Arjan de Wit, ISLE’s music is stunningly simple but bearing a complexity that can transport you into a space where freedom and possibility co-exist and prosper.With their unique sound formed by the alchemy of sweeping melodies and grounding narratives, “Waters,” builds on a restless yet restful atmosphere that establishes the duo as artists one can turn to for a moment of comfort and calm in a dizzying world.

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