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Ulovefoster shares new project 'A Butterfly Effect'

Emerging Minneapolis Minnesota-based hip-hop act Ulovefoster is a man of many talents and on his latest EP entitled A Butterfly Effect, he puts snippets of his life on wax. The title is inspired by the film of the same name and follows Ulovefoster through a mental journey bridging events of the past and how they trickle down into the future. The four track EP sees him working with four different producers namely waytoolost, 4klassix, Niko, boyfifty who help create a wide range of backdrops that blend trap, R&B, and pop elements.

The project opens up with the somber and heartfelt "Juju" which is a tribute to Ulovefoster's deceased childhood friend. The laidback song is ripe with melancholic guitar riffs and nostalgia-inducing strings that blend seamlessly with emotional lyrics about the good times they shared. On "Crash Course" he dives into a more delicate and personal department as he reflects on his former life filled with vices. Ulovefoster delivers quite a gripping performance here and with each note he carries, listeners can feel his deepest emotions over the warm and moody backdrop laid before him. To be frank, the record is him taking a final look at his past as he settles in this new path he has taken.

The last two songs "Drive-by Love" and "Smug"  dwell in the love/relationship arena but with slightly different dynamics. "Drive-by Love" sees Ulovefoster falling in love with a girl who eventually cheated on him with a so-called friend. It's quite far from an angry love song but rather he uses it as a lesson to be more aware. "Smug" on the other hand deals with the emotional turbulence that comes right after a bad break-up with Ulovefoster losing hope for love.

Both songs have similar themes with the former having more of a pop-rock vibe while the latter has a moody/r&b aesthetic. A Butterfly Effect is pretty succinct and ends quicker than you'd expect but the cohesiveness and relatable lyrics do make up for it.
A Butterfly Effect is Ulovefoster's first EP since he burst through the doors with his LP 555 in 2020. He also has a handful of one-off singles as well.

Connect with Ulovefoster : Spotify | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop · Indie


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