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Lil Brows brings the heat as the 'FIREBOY'

Emerging rap artist Lil Brows has an interesting start in the music industry. Although he has been recording for the fun of it, it wasn't until he jokingly recorded a song for a podcast that he started taking the music thing seriously a few years ago. With some time passed and gaining more experience, Lil Brows makes his entry with his new full-length Lp titled FIREBOY. The 11 track body of work is a culmination of his journey as a new artist and also a showcase of his versatile style. He is a rapper at heart but still appreciates the use of melodies to garnish his music and the result is a plethora of catchy hooks, speaker-busting trap backdrops and at times insightful lyrics.

"FIREBOY" opens up the project and it's off to the races on this one. Bolstered by an upbeat and booming trap backdrop, Lil Brows puts his life story on wax, especially how he really got started in music. It really sets the tone as well with the melodic flow taking center stage coupled with impassioned lyrics. He goes for a more vibe-influenced aesthetic on "FROZE" and "FLOAT," both tracks have ethereal textures with pop sensibilities that show how open he is to go off the script at times.  "HIDDEN" is a hard-hitting collaboration with Bobby Raps and the duo goes back to back with pure bravado raps over the thumping trap backdrop laid before them. On "UP" he and fellow emcee RILEY are in a celebratory mood and the energy they bring is contagious nough to motivate listeners to go out and chase their dreams. On the somber and heartfelt record "FLAMES," Lil Brows teams up with vocalist Chin who helps him with a gripping melodic chorus. The record is the most personal one on the project with Brows detailing his personal struggles and how he overcame various obstacles to get to where he is right now.

For the most part, FIREBOY delivers on it's promise with high-octane, energetic jams and often touches on delicate topics. This is not bad for a kid who started his career recording an entire satirical album for the King and the Sting podcast. FYI: he got his rap moniker when he appeared on the podcast.

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