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Nic Earley gives us passion in "Hindsight"

NY-based Nic Earley releases soulful new single "Hindsight," a lovely song showcasing his sweet vocals and the heartfelt poetry exemplified through the words. 
Nic Earley is known for his catalog of songs where his voice never fails to touch our soul. "Hindsight" is just one example, being sonically pleasing with the beautiful piano keys in the background powerfully accentuating the message this song carries. Nic Earley's angelic voice and the high notes that he effortlessly hits are extraordinary, making for the perfect love song. Every poetic word uttered is with such conviction yet is gently delivered by his smooth voice. The catchy chorus is intense, evoking our emotions deeply. The neon colors reflect the emotions impeccably as the changes in the colors ignite even more feeling. Press play and listen to this flawless song to play when you're with the love of your life. 
 Connect with Nic Earley: Instagram | Spotify 


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