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Niall McNamee releases his reflective EP Step By Step

Irish singer/songwriter Niall McNamee unveils his five-track EP Step By Step. The dazzling offering seeped in rich storytelling dives deep into complex human emotions. Touching on heartbreak, joy and everything in between he delicately details his deep life experiences.

McNamee kicks things off with the powerful title-track “Step By Step”. Through mesmerizing melodies, soft guitar riffs and striking strings he tells a tale of a unforgettable night with a love interest. His gruff, passionate vocals add to the textured arrangements creating a soaring sound that simply stuns. “China In A Box” possesses a subtle simplicity that grips at your heart and never lets go. The emotive song showcasing soulful vocals floating atop raw piano is a narration of fragile relationships. Reminding us that those we love should not be taken for granted, you can feel that warmth burst through. There is also “Fishpond” which highlights pop sensibilities. Evoking a feeling of bands like Five For Fighting, the wistful tune speaks of fond memories spent with friends.

McNamee is more then just a masterful musical talent, he is also an acclaimed actor as well. Having starred opposite Pierce Brosnan and fought with Jackie Chan, that same fervor ignited for acting is also felt within his releases. Developing a dedicated fan base from his pensive pieces, there is always a comfort exuded from his work. You can sense that serene charm in Step By Step.

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