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Ci Majr explores the 'Side Effects' of love

Emerging Atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Ci Majr caught our ears with her debut EP entitled Side Effects. The 5 track body of work is the culmination of her 10,000 hours in the studio. From drafting demos and loose thoughts to fully fleshing out her ideas with her friend, Fez, who helped produce the entire project. Side Effects is a well-rounded pop project that explores the good and bad side of this thing called love as Ci Majr introduces us to a host of colorful characters and dynamic situations.

The project opens up with the dance-pop number "After Midnight" which helps set the tone of the project. The song is lively and made up of moody ethereal pads, soft four to the floor drums that flow easily with Ci Majr's reverberating vocals. She reflects deeply on the eternal love-hate dynamics she has with an unknown individual who keeps lingering in her mind but also reminds us that she can do without it. This is followed by the focus single "Summer Drug" which lightens up with bright deep synths, punchy drums, and enthralling vocal performance that is ripe with melodic runs and a tinge of nostalgia. That record is a sure-fire EDM jam that would keep the party jumping. On "Softer" Majr delivers a heartfelt and melancholic piece showcasing her versatility as an artist. The record is somewhat stripped down to allow her vocals to shine bright and the result is a soothing pop ballad that explores heartache in her own unique way.

For this short project, Majr and Fez really pull their resources to create something stunning and cohesive. Fez knows when to push the envelope with his sounds and what he crafted around Ci Majr is pure pop gold. At times, they raise the ante with upbeat vibrant electronic pop records and also give listeners more subtle and solemn tracks to absorb. Overall, I feel it's well-done and administers the perfect dosage to your daily pop ratio.

Photo credit: Maggy Swain Connect with Ci Majr: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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1 month ago

Ci Majr killed it with this EP! So in love with it. Cant wait to see more from them.