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FNP sets the Summer mood in latest single 'Bad Habit Train'

East London producer FNP has joined the Bottled Sauce crew to release his latest single, “Bad Habit Train”— a blissful mashup of house and disco, with the slightest hint of UKG, it really feels as though the summer of love is on its way. As a lover of disco edits, FNP set out to put his own spin on the genre using samples cut from old soul and jazz records; the outcome being an exuberant anthem for all to enjoy.

Hard-hitting 4x4 drum patterns are the powerhouse behind the track, with a soulful vocal accompaniment supplying that authentic disco edge. Sampling a Northern Soul classic, “Bad Habits Train” only gets more euphoric as it progresses. Shimmering synths shower down over the hook, adding a uniquely sparkly feel to the track; something we could all do with a bit more of!

Feel good, outrageously catchy, and extremely nostalgic, tracks like this are the only thing we’re interested in this summer. The type of musical pick-me-up everyone’s in dire need of, “Bad Habits Train” will inject a ray of sunshine into any situation; whack it on and feel any negativity instantly melt away.

Bad Habit Train can be streamed via Spotify.

Connect with FNP: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

Photo credits: Jonathan Wilcox

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