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Rushes is "Wide Eyed" on new single [Video]

Irish singer-songwriter Rushes is back with his first independently released single "Wide Eyed". 

After the success of his debut EP Glimpse and singles such as "Liquor" and "Still Water" with Irish hip-hop heavyweight Jafaris, Rushes found early praise from the likes of Red Bull, securing a place on their "Ones to Watch" list in 2020. Since then, Rushes is on a mission to establish his unique sound and voice in the theming and exploding Irish music scene and around the world. 

"Wide Eyed" is a moody pop banger. The synthetic element to this record in both the pads and the amazing effects added to his voice makes the track feel truly alive. The layering of vocals is masterfully executed while the rap verses are a breath of fresh air adding a dynamic layer to the track. Of specific note, the record is mixed to perfection. Every frequency is sitting exactly where it should be and the space carved out across the spectrum from low to mid to high range is stunning. The production is simple but leaves the perfect amount of room for Rushes to really establish his unique vocal performance. 

Rushes is going to be an acquired taste. The heavy use of vocal effects and layering present a challenge to listeners but if you can wrap your head around what he is doing you will soon find how simply beautiful the music truly is. 

Connect with Rushes: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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