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Kat Hamilton supports LGBTQ+ with new charity compilation, 'Recovery Friends'

Indie rock queer singer-songwriter Kat Hamilton just released an impressive and inspiring charity compilation album titled Recovery Friends, a follow-up to her previous album Recovery Songs that was released last year. Recovery Friends is a very special and heartfelt collaboration from artists all over the US as they cover the songs from her previous album. The album was released on Bandcamp for $10 and all proceeds will go to the Trevor Project, an emergency hotline and charity organization for LGBTQ+ youth and their families.

In the nine-track album, nine emerging artists from across the US cover each of the tracks, adding their own personal style and delivery. The album is centered around the themes of addiction, trauma, loss and recovery experienced by the LGBTQ+ community and all songs are open reflections of Kat’s personal experiences and struggles. Kat says, “The music was inspired by being knocked down and getting back up. Going to the darkest places in yourself and in life and managing to make it through. I went through hell and found a way to be okay, but I like to think that this work can resonate with people who aren't in the recovery process. Anyone who's ever struggled could relate to this music.”

 The fourth song on the compilation, “Slow Motion,” is covered by indie folk pop artist Ali Coyle, and explores the feelings of darkness and grief associated with losing the one you love. “I see you, as you walked away, in slow motion” sings Ali, with rich poetic vocals backed by a highly emotional delivery. The song features airy, dreamy soundscapes that flow over a slow pulsating beat and gritty guitars, adding an extra layer of profound imagery that inspires a fervent, soul-stirring reaction.

 “Afraid Of Your Body” is the sixth song on the album re-imagined by April Keez. The song is about overcoming low self- esteem and feelings of escapism. Infused with tender folk vocals and mellow acoustic guitar, the message is captured with refreshing clarity that feels just as authentic as it does familiar.

 Full list of Recovery Friends songs & artists:

 “Medicine Line” – Mom Friend

 “Ohio” – Emmesongs

 “Empty Room” – Will Lynch

 “Slow Motion” – Ali Coyle

 “Hate Me” – No Grudges

 “Afraid of your Body” – April Keez

 “Amnesia” – Zee Machine

 “Little Gods” – The Astronots

 “Plastic Folding Chairs” – Haus Music

All Songs Written by Kat Hamilton, Allee Futterer, Will Lynch

Kat Hamilton is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and performer who fuses elements of rock, pop, Americana and emo. Kat creates music to help those in need and suffering, so that her songs might be a place of refuge. Recovery Friends is an excellent showcase of diverse musical talent and exceptional storytelling dedicated to a great cause.

Connect with Kat Hamilton: FacebookInstagram

Listen to the new album here. 



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