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Discrete unites with Ouse, Dylan Fuentes and Kiesza for the fiery "Drown In Me" [Video]

Opting to take the challenges and divisions of 2020 in stride, Swedish dance-pop powerhouse Discrete continues his unrelenting hot streak with the early summer smash, "Drown In Me." Joining forces with the global artists to reunite a global audience, Canadian pop hitmaker Kiesza, Icelandic singer-songwriter Ouse, and Columbian artist and actor Dylan Fuentes, coalesce to bring their respectively distinct flair to a truly kaleidoscopic cohesion of dancehall and pop, all centred around a technicolor of electronics.

“This record wouldn’t have turned out the way it did if it wasn’t for the lockdowns across the world,” Discrete outlines in an email statement. “I’ve never met Ouse, Dylan, or Kiesza in person. They all contributed to the song remotely from their part of the world, and I think that uniqueness gives the song a special global feel. Although lockdowns put a stop to many things in our lives, they’ve also proven that passion for music will never die.” 

Despite the positively unifying aesthetic, the heady lyricism metaphorically draws a parallel to the fragility of romance, crafting a timeless narrative that subtly alludes to the events that brought it together. Up first is Ouse, whose icy croons set the stage for Discrete's euphoric production that accelerates into a dizzying momentum, which then unfurls into the fiery, dancefloor-ready chorus. Simultaneously taking the reigns of the addictive hook, Ouse and Discrete have formed a clear sonic synergy, and perfectly embellish each other's nuanced approach.

Continuing with the international theme, Dylan Fuentes heightens the dancehall mastery by switching up the language and adding a sense of rose-tinted warmth to a thus far glacial production. His melodies mesmerically cascade back into the chorus, and beyond that, the undulating yet focussed flavours continue with Kiesza's delicate vocal that adds a touch of tenderness to make the closing chorus hit even harder. Each disparate theme is expertly realised in the visual depiction of the song, using stunning cinematics to add further color to an already enchantingly chromatic effort.

"Drown In Me" is available now via Astralwerks.

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