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IAMTHELIVING & Teon Gibbs give us their "Translation" [Video]

IAMTHELIVING and Teon Gibbs have shared a visual for their upbeat new song "Translation". This new track finds the two artists combining hip-hop, R&B, and hip-house to create an infectious blend that keeps the listener engaged throughout. 

"Translation" is the latest single from IAMTHELIVING and Teon Gibbs, two musicians both based in Vancouver, Canada. The addictive instrumental is centered around fresh, airy synths and atmospheric vocal samples, paired with pounding drums that provide a lively rhythm. Moreover, IAMTHELIVING and Gibbs come through with some smooth, self-assured vocals that float along with the instrumental. 

The music video for "Translation", directed by Hayden Gullins and Bdice, is equally energetic and entertaining. The two musicians give a spirited performance throughout the video, matching the electrifying energy of the song. Furthermore, the video subtly pays homage to the city they are based in, showcasing Vancouver's culture and city life. 

Overall, "Translation" is a strong release, providing a dose of positivity that is much needed in these trying times. It makes for a great anthem for hanging out in the Summer or going out to experience nightlife in the city. Hopefully, more collaborations will come from this duo soon.

Connect with IAMTHELIVING: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Teon Gibbs: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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