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Cam Wallace releases powerful track "We Made It"

Texas native Cam Wallace releases an impactful new single titled "We Made It" filled with celebratory lyrics and upbeat sounds. 

Before this single, Cam Wallace dropped his EP 6RINGS, which undeniably shows the talent this artist has, especially when it comes to the lyrical intensity and the catchy beats. The same applies to his new track "We Made It."  Opening up the track with a powerful line, "I was just thinking to myself how can I tell my story in a real way," Wallace makes it crystal clear that his storytelling abilities will be top notch, which makes every word uniquely intertwined with the other and the lyricism brilliant.
A track with clever wordplay and catchy rhymes that celebrate finally achieving success, the bounce and snaps that the beat possesses creates a perfect track to celebrate and make a toast to. The smooth delivery accompanied by his strong projection instills motivation. Press play if you want to get the drive to keep going through the struggle in order to make it to the other side. 
Connect with Cam Wallace: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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