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Only Bricks is a voice for women’s equality in “Big Girl Shoes” [Video]

Indie pop husband and wife duo Only Bricks return with their bold, confident single “Big Girl Shoes”. The intoxicating tune details the constant pressure placed on females to look put together, but not overly sexy. This playful anthem inspires women to take charge and fight to be heard. Through fierce vocals and vibrant 808s an intense power shines through the bubbly track. The song was written after a male colleague made a sarcastic comment about Anne DiGiovanni, lead vocalist and songwriter, wearing her “big girl shoes”. She passionately sings, “you say that I look professional/telling me I’m out playing dress up in a man’s world/ like all I am is a material girl”. Many women know what it is like to not be taken seriously by men and can relate to that frustrating feeling.

The fun yet impactful accompanying visuals display DiGiovanni in an office setting being eyed up and down by the many characters played by guitarist Joseph Lewczak. A lightheartedness comes through as the males in the video are forced to wear high heel shoes. As we watch them strain to do daily activities, their is a sense of satisfaction in seeing the struggle. By the end she jesters one of the men in his car to get out and she hops in the driver’s seat. This is the perfect empowering finish to an assertive release.

Not only are DiGiovanni and Lewczak musical talents, but also practicing attorneys as well. Known for their catchy hooks and elevated energy, “Big Girl Shoes” possesses that same infectious flair. Watch the strong and vibrant visuals now.

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