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Assata Amani finds solace in "My Body" [Video]

Emerging singer/songwriter Assata Amani is all about body positivity on her new single, "My Body," which comes with a stunning visual accompaniment. The NY-born, NC-raised singer and all-around creative started out as a photographer and video director before fully focusing on her vocal talents and she hasn't looked back since. On "My Body" she showcases her sultry side with a sensual performance and unapologetic lyrics about her physical wants and needs. Bolstered by a moody and inviting production, Amani's vocals do shine through and flow seamlessly with every line. She doesn't try to layer multiple harmonies to bamboozle the ears and keeps it authentic enough for listeners to feel the raw sensual emotions pouring out on wax.

The video is handled by Johnny Heartbreak (a very apt name if I may) who helps bring out Amani's sultriness to the screens. Making use of several dark and gloomy lighting to accentuate the singer's embodiment of femininity, viewers are taken deep into Amani's world where fantasies abound. Heartbreak gets props for his cinematic approach and his use of contrast in highlighting the singer in different light, figuratively and literally.

Get "My Body" on all DSPs here.

Connect with Assata Amani: Website | Facebook  | Instagram


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5 months ago

This is dope 🔥