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Adibanti presents a soulful drum & bass ballad with "You"

With societies all around the world slowly beginning to re-open after a whole year of pandemic shutdown, the need for upbeat and inventive electronic music is currently at an all time high (because people will always need a reason to dance whether or not the clubs are open). To help fulfill this void, London-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Adibanti (aka Rory Nelson) has stepped up to help us dance our anxieties away with his first single of 2021, "You".

The smooth but frantic track is built upon a traditionalist drum & bass breakbeat, which is elevated by a haunting synth lead and then by Adibanti's delicate vocal over the mix to croon about an unnamed lover.  “As I am a massive DnB lover, I am really excited to release a tune that shows this," he says on his inspiration for the track. "I listen to so much music and write in so many different styles that it doesn’t make sense for me to stick to a single genre. ‘You’ is an incredibly emotional tune for me and isn’t what you would traditionally call Drum & Bass but in the not so distant future I have some proper Liquid to release that I am even more excited about!”

Listen to the track above and be sure to stay peeled on what Adibanti has up his sleeve for the rest of this year.

Connect with Adibanti: Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp

Breakbeat · Downtempo


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