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199X takes us to another world called 'Kandyland'

LA artist 199X has dropped a head turning new project Kandyland, a 4-track EP filled with illusive beats and a dream-like delivery. 
199X is a rising artist who rhymes words together beautifully through an interesting sound. Previously dropping clever tracks such as "Show Me," his consistency continues with his unique flow, effortlessly portrayed on this new EP. Kandyland is undeniably another world: one where we can set our spirits free for at least a few minutes.
"Kamera," one of the tracks of the EP, completely feels like we are entering an underground party scene. Having mysterious beats with choppy words, 199X intelligently introduces the unknown, which peaks our attention. With pieces of words being spread out throughout the beats, a magnetic field between the sounds and the lyrics arise, allowing space for the snappy beats to be given a chance to speak. This brilliant concept creates an outer-worldly party experience. 
"Kandyland," the last track on the EP, has graceful, more calming beats that metaphorically set us free. While the lyrics are minimal, the rhyme scheme is elevated, giving the best environment for a party scene. The way that his smooth tone and voice perfectly intertwine with the beat is intriguing to hear, sonically becoming increasingly pleasing as the track develops. The heavenly chimes unlock a secret world to which we can escape for a few seconds. Join 199X and enter his unique party. 
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