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Didi + Ping delivers Native American inspired debut single "Buffalo Jump"

Kristian Wang's brand new artist project Didi + Ping, has delivered his debut single "Buffalo Jump". The inspiring house track combines music and natural surroundings to create a beautiful sonic landscape and an epic journey through native lands.

Hailing from Canada, Wang uses not only his music to send a message but also his name. The Didi + Ping moniker pays respect to Kristian's rich Asian ancestry. "Didi" is the mandarin word for younger brother, doubling as a nod to his family's native tongue and his sibling with who he's created music throughout the years. "Ping" is his Chinese namesake and acts as a powerful reminder of his heritage and people's past. Wang approaches his music production in the same light, using inspirations from natural beauty and history to create moving tunes.

His debut release, "Buffalo Jump" is a slick house track that embodies the essence of the wild and the spirit of Native Americans. Incorporating melodic flutes, sleek jazzy piano, and driving drums the track carries listeners on a journey through pristine sounds. The flutes set the stage for a mystical jump into the native setting. Samples from a Native American pow wow from a group that still inhabits Alberta, Canada are included throughout to add even more depth into the landscape of Americana the song creates. Didi + Ping's music is thoughtfully composed to celebrate Wang's unique musical approach, heritage, and people and places that have inspired him along the way.

Of the new single, Didi + Ping shares, "Buffalo Jump is my call to adventure! The original settlers of North America, the Paleo-Americans from 12,000 years ago, came to an uninhabited continent. Wild and untamed. Growing up in Canada, in an inquisitive family, I can't help but be drawn to periods like that.  As a kid, I often daydreamed of adventuring beyond the horizon, discovering wild beasts and climbing mountaintops. I think it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to view the cosmos in such a way, what with today's global communication network. And of course, I'm getting older. The world feels like it's shrinking... But that's not true at all, is it. That's an illusion I'm fighting - I'm recapturing my childhood sensibilities. I think it takes tremendous courage to explore the unknown regions of the universe, and the curiosity that fuels that exploration is uniquely human. I want to celebrate that! This is my world of DD+P." 
Photo credit: Jordan Bannister
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