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Laura Roy contemplates the past on "Water"

"Water" is the newest release by Canadian R&B/pop artist Laura Roy and it's a continuation of her work with longtime collaborator UK artist/producer Geo Jordan.

The nostalgic song serves as an ode to Laura Roy's upbringing in rural Nova Scotia Canada and sees her contemplating on the past as she ventures on with this thing called life. Bolstered by a warm and reflective texture layer over groovy soft drums, Roy delivers a quintessential alternative R&B that takes the listener back and fills them up with heart-melting memories. From the sultry melodic runs, sublime harmonies, and inviting backdrop, the record captures all her experiences in the various places she has lived.  Through the ups and downs, she realizes deep down the only way back is to return to where she started from.

Connect with Laura Roy : Soundcloud | Website | Twitter | Instagram


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