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Bimo Ganzar unveils his smoldering "i'm a good time call"

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of longing for something more with a partner, but knowing all it will be is just casual encounters. Bimo Ganzar stunningly captures that sentiment in his new single "i'm a good time call". Surging with deep desire, both people no that things will not go past the bedroom, but they still share an intense love for one another. This fiery, passionate tune glides across your ear waves with lush, silky vocals and smooth electro soundscapes. The neo-soul R&B offering infuses Ganzar's Javanese roots with a Sindentune, a traditional style of music native to Indonesia.

Ganzar left home in Indonesia at 18 to head to San Francisco to pursue his musical endeavors. Discovering a new side of life, the transition left him feeling inspired and many great emotive tracks were born. "i'm a good time call" has that same raw honest quality the talent is known for. Ganzar reveals of the song in a statement, “It speaks of the unspoken tension of uncertainty in a love that only reveals itself during the after-hours of the day. It's the delicate dance of desiring something deep and meaningful and the pressure to keep it casual.” Take a listen to the seductive, suave release above.

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Neo-Soul · R&B


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