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Daniel Keane offers a haven of homegrown indie-pop melodies on single “Let’s Buy A Farm"

Canterbury-based indie-pop singer Daniel Keane delivers quirky, pop banger “Let’s Buy A Farm,” taken from his upcoming EP Memory Lanes.

The slice of pure indie-pop brings a nostalgic rock soundscape together with introspective lyricism, an anthemic, sing-along chorus adding an element of warm, childhood glee to the mature undertones of adulthood anxieties.

Written over lockdown, the track juxtaposes hard conversations about COVID-19 and plans for the future while also reminiscing the fun times in his relationship. Striking the perfect balance between reflecting on the stresses in life the thorny path to removing stresses like money and confinement with colorful visuals and catchy sonics, “Let’s Buy A Farm,” offers a distinct Britpop sound that’s best described as extroverted yet inward-looking.

The track acknowledges the reality of the world, while still offering an escape with the optimism and childish wonder threaded throughout its lyricism, “let’s buy a farm together, let’s stay inside forever.”

Speaking of the track which he has dedicated to partner Charlotte Dumont, Daniel said, "This is the song I’ve spent the longest trying to get absolutely right. We have at times been bitter at the world, however- it is our dreams of living our lives together that have kept us through everything”. The song is a love letter about us, our anxieties for the future and to keep dreaming”.

A precursor to his Memory Lanes EP, the warm track offers a seamless blend of wholesome summer pop with tinges of darker hiphop influences, showing Daniel’s wide-ranging musical influences from classic 90s jams to more modern touches of bedroom pop.

An artist carried not only by a constantly evolving artistic versatility but his innate talent for honest songwriting coming straight from the heart, Daniel’s music is a haven of heartfelt homegrown melodies, made to unfailingly uplift and embrace listeners in its comforting warmth.

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