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Kitty releases the sugary sweet single "Heart on Crack"

Parisian-Welsh artist Kitty shares the iridescent new hyperpop single "Heart on Crack". Wrapped in shiny electro-pop, the single showcases Kitty's DIY artistry with a self-directed video that highlights her sugary-sweet but fire af aesthetic. 

Dripping in glossy sonics, "Heart on Crack" loops bubblegum pop qualities with a noughties style to create something truly increrdible. Layering her sweet, auto-tuned heavy vocals over the glitchy melodies, "Heart on Crack" is an example of stellar synth-pop production that is capable of blowing your mind. Shooting the video in her bedroom in Wales, the lo-fi visuals capture the frenzied but experimental nature of a genre that encourages exploration.

“This song was written after I had just come out of a long-term relationship with someone who was very materialistic and saw my kindness as a weakness. My emotions felt out of control and I kept giving to the point where it felt like my heart was “on crack”. I think I was holding myself back as a person but also in my music, so going towards a more Hyper Pop sound felt like it was myself becoming ‘hyper’ me. It took me a long time to recognise what people saw in me as flaws as a strength and I wanted to write about how much richer it made me feel as a human being and seeing the value within myself as opposed to actual monetary worth."

Counting hyperpop titans Charli XCX, Dorian Electra and Kim Petras as key inspo, Kitty's navigation into the hyperpop world has allowed her creativity to thrive. Remaining a genre blessed with inclusivity, Kitty's music is a heightened introduction of a newcomer ready to take on the world. This is simply glossiest of glossy pop.

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