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"throwing leaves, casting stones" highlights the duality of bloody white

Always vulnerable and open to his listeners, bloody white seems to strike a delicate balance between regret and hopefulness.  Based in Santa Barbara, the rising artist has been on a roll since releasing his debut EP you'd walk right over me in September.  Rapidly releasing singles and remixes since his lauded first EP has allowed bloody white to steadily farm a cult-like following existing somewhere in the space between emo-pop, indie, and dashes of electronica.  "throwing leaves, casting stones" continues this run of singles with a bashful and inspired piece of alternative pop that overflows with heart and energy. 

Bright and dewy synth stabs paired with light, glittering chimes gives the track an early morning bleary-eyed state that steadily morphs and evolves throughout the track.  It reaches an alternative fever pitch with a heavy-handed, bass-heavy chorus that gives an edge to a track that doesn't show its hand too early.  The ability to make free-flowing indie pop with a razor's edge is a developed and well-documented knack of bloody white with many tracks that toe the line between the fiery and the obscure.  

Already with a bevy of songs that highlight the duality of the Santa Barbara artist, "throwing leaves, casting stones" is no different as it oscillates between emotions quicker than the blink of an eye.  In further growing from here, bloody white looks to build upon his frenzied single run and continue the rapid expansion of his fanbase by consistently delivering quality content in impressive quantity.  

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Alt-Pop · Electronica · Indie


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