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Nightmare and Sleepy deliver their debut project 'Here Today, Gone Today'

To fans of old campy comics, the names Nightmare and Sleepy might ring a bell. I actually Googled it and found that fact out some days ago but anyway, in this case, the names belong to two Miami-born and raised individuals who have combined their respective musical talents to deliver something refreshing and new. The duo made up of Jovan Jr., aka "Sleepy" and Jovan Sr., aka "Nightmare" first joined forces in 2018 and after years of making music and finding the right mix, they decided to take up the mantle of the old comic book heroes to usher in their presence.  Their official project or EP to be precise is titled Here Today, Gone Today, a 7 track body of work that is a culmination of 4 months of dedicated grind.

From first listen, the project takes liberty from a wide range of genres and doesn't take itself too seriously. The production is lush, soulful, and bright for the most part while the lyrics bother between bravado, carefree, and some insightfulness for good measure. The opening record "Orbiting" is as upbeat as they come and showcases the duo's energetic and vibrant nature. The duo goes for slightly darker tones on tracks like "Brinks" and "Stab Me" but complements it with dreamy and pop-infused sounds on "Don't Care" and the bouncy "Inluvwitdis." The former is particularly interesting for the way Nightmare and Sleepy approached it, trading rhyme after rhyme in tandem and listeners get to see how the duo seamlessly work with one another. Even though their vocal tones are so different with Jovan Jr. having a lighter tone against Jovan Sr.'s baritone delivery. Subject matter-wise, the duo are mostly just having fun and making music that they love, so if you like that fun-filled, slightly offbeat music, this will tickle your fancy.

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Hip-Hop · Indie · Rap


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