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Tara Jam explores breaking self-destructive patterns on "Daily Dose"

Persian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist Tara Jam offers up an enthralling, piano-led track “Daily Dose,” showcasing a wide ranging musicality by delivering a completely different sound than her previous releases. With relatable lyrics and gooseflesh-inducing melodies, the highlight of the track is the warm, softly lilting vocals which lays a strong foundation for the easy-going acoustic backdrop.

Honest and open, the track delves into heart-wrenching sentiments of pain, which fester and force people to turn to destructive behaviours masquerading aseasy fixes that numb the pain without allowing us to feel and process our emotions.

Breaking down repetitive patterns of self-destruction with her vulnerability, Tara Jam takes listeners on a journey of peeling back the band-aids on our sadness, treating the deeply ingrained cuts of the human experience with introspection that she imbues through her emotive artistry.

"Daily Dose is a track that came to me at 4am one morning when I was soothing my sleeplessness with my normal cure of playing piano," the singer-songwriter said. "I was thinking about the universal pain we all experience as humans and the different ways we self-medicate. Life is incredibly beautiful but it also holds damage, inconsistency, and confusion.”

A completely independent artist who has achieved a nomination for a “Best Canadian Independent Music Video” in addition to massive streams, simply through her abilities to tell healing stories through her music, Tara Jam proves that “star” is much more than just the meaning her name; she shines bright with her plethora of talents from singing to direction and photography, all underpinned by a powerful passion.



Acoustic · Indie · Singer/songwriter


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